Amazing Cocktail Recipes from Our Bespoke Range:

The Illicit Still

Breakfast with Tiffany
(An Electric Blue Martini)

50ml         Grey Goose Vodka
25ml         3 Sec
1 tsp        Marmalade
Dash         Blue Curacao
20ml         Lemon Juice

Coat mixing glass with the marmalade, add all other ingredients and loads of ice. (This drink is all about the colour: 'Tiffany Blue' is a trademarked colour so get it right! Remember the coulour will become lighter as the drink lengthens in the shaker).

Super fine strain to remove any lemon pith or marmalade guff. The drink must be opaque so use good quality lemon.

(Please note- this picture was white lit but NOT photoshopped, so this is the colour of your drink!)

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