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Consultancy/ Mentoring

Everybody is different. Every venue is different. Every day is different.

That's why we are in this industry, it moves fast and nothig stays the same for long. This kinetic atmosphere is not without it's pitfalls though. More commonly than not the biggest problem we encounter is that as the work piles up and the days get longer you have less and less time to follow everything up that needs your attention.

Let us help you

  • Mentor service allows you support whenever you need it by phone or email. We can help find staff, products, venues, produce trending reports to give you all of the information you need and how to use it most effectively.
  • Consultancy service gives you on site support as and when you need it as well as all of the benefits of the mentor service. Choose from the modules we offer or have us design a whole new programme for you. 
Cost is based on value and as such we will not generate a quote for service until we have thouroughly planned every detail with the client and have discussed any potential issues.

5 Aces does not take on more work than we can handle, although we do operate multiple consultancies and mentorships at once. If you are concerned about any potential conflict of interests please contact us to discuss it.
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